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Green Pattern

Our Games

And Their Rules

Change of Direction

Simply listen out for the horn and change the direction you are skating around the hall.

Make sure to be careful when turning around and that you are going the same direction as everyone else.


Test your speed and stopping ability to see if you have what it takes to get the furthest.

Go to this page to find out more about Countdown as this is our most complicated game.


The well known game, but on skates.

Do not skate too fast under the limbo ribbon.

Do not grab or skate directly into the ribbon.

Red Light, Green Light

Listen to the instructions in the music.

Every time you hear "Red Light", you stop, and every time you hear "Green Light", you go again.

Try your best to stop within the time limit.


Fast and Furious

Skate with one of our fastest team members, and don't let them overtake you.

If you get overtaken, you must sit down for the remainder of the game.

Lots of fast pace changing direction and skill goes into this one.


Occasionally the music will stop, and a word will be said. If that word is "Wipeout",  carefully fall to the floor.

If the word is anything else, you have to stay standing.

You must be completely on the floor, not still on your feet.

The Walls

Try and stay in between two of our team members as you skate faster and faster around the hall.

If you are overtaken by the person at the back, you must sit out for the remainder of the game.

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