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Wall Clock


Explanation of the Game

You start on the black line at one end of the hall.

You will have a count of three and the Countdown theme will play.

You have this time to do an increasing number of lengths of the hall starting from 1 and ending with 5.

For each round you make, you will earn a coloured wristband, the colours are:

  • Round One - Orange

  • Round Two - Red

  • Round Three - Pink

  • Round Four - Blue

  • Round Five - Green


You only have to start on the highest level band you have earned.

You can only collect one of each band so remember to bring them each week as proof that you have completed them.


You must start and end on the black line, if you do not reach it by the end of the music, you are out.

You cannot touch the walls at either end of the hall, if you do so, you will be out and previous rounds will not count.

You cannot turn in large circles, you must turn around at the end of the hall and only go in a single straight line in both directions. If your turn is determined to be too wide, you will not win that round.

You may only start on the highest level band you have previously earned, no higher or lower. Without a band, you begin on round 1.

If you are told by a staff member that you are out, you must listen, we will not continue on to the next round if anyone who is out is still on the floor.

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