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Terms & Conditions

Tickets: Tickets can be purchased both online and in-person.

Payments & Refunds: Your tickets will not be guaranteed until payment has been received, these can be made in cash, card or online payment forms. If you cannot attend your booked session, for any reason, refunds can be gained by contacting us here.

Safety & Responsibility: All persons use the facilities in accordance to the guidelines of Catmose Sports Centre. These can be found here. All users are responsible for maintaining the safety of themselves and others at all time whilst attending sessions. Skating has a high risk factor, and so, all attendees of the session do so at their own risk and Catmose Skaters Club and its staff do not accept any responsibility, nor will be held liable for any injury or death that may occur to any person whilst in attendance to the event.

Hired Equipment: Those who hire any equipment from Catmose Skaters Club are responsible for damage to that equipment that may occur whilst they are using it. They are not responsible for prior damage that has occurred before receiving equipment. Users use the equipment at their own risk in accordance to the “Safety & Responsibility” section of the Terms & Conditions. Protective equipment is available for use for free.

Personal Belongings: The use of own equipment

such as skates and protective equipment is permitted. Catmose Skaters Club does not accept any responsibility for the damage or loss to any personal belongings.

Accessibility: Catmose Skaters Club occurs only on the ground floor of the Catmose Sports Centre building which is completely accessible for wheelchair users. Wheelchair users are also permitted to skate with all other users. If you require any assistance during your visit, please ask a member of staff and steps will be taken to help to the best of our ability.

Food & Drink: Food & Drink can be consumed at the sides of the hall, only when sat down. No food or drink can be taken in to the skating area. No alcohol is allowed on the premises. All rubbish must be taken off the premises or placed in the provided bins.

Smoking: Smoking is strictly forbidden within the building, especially in the sports hall.

Animals: Only guide and hearings dogs are allowed within the sports hall, but must stay with spectators at the sides of the hall.

Photography & Video: Members of Catmose Skaters Club staff may take photos or videos of the sessions for promotional purposes, these will be removed upon request.

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